Clay Greathouse, the Off-Grid Realtor

My name is Clay Greathouse, but I am known as the Head Desert Rat around the office because I am the one who loves the unique, rural, off-grid and alternative sort of construction. I am at my best when I am tromping around some off-beat location in Cochise County Arizona.

You could say it’s just in my nature, dating back to the 80s when I completed an intensive solar program at Colorado Mountain Collage and helped install Photovoltaic Solar Systems in remote ski cabins near Aspen, Colorado. My wife and I built an off-grid home at 8000′ in rural Colorado where we lived for over 30 years, at which time I was a 4×4 tour guide in the San Juan Mountains above Telluride, Colorado. But our lack of love for snow, and needing a change from a lifetime in Colorado, we found and fell in love with the quirky Cochise County, with its wonderful climate and just the right blend of remote rural and urban convenience.

(This is a photo of me from 1987 at the Solar Retrofit Program at Colorado Mountain Collage in Glenwood Springs/Carbondale Colorado, I was doing an test of the Gain from these reflectors on a Cold Winter Day at about 7000′. The reflectors did increase out put, but during the heat of the day they lost a lot of Voltage due to an increase of heat on the Panels caused by the reflectors.)

Clay Greathouse with an old style solar panel

We soon learned of the Owner/Builder Building Permit Opt-Out that Cochise County Offers, and my Wife and I always having the Dream of building our Hyper-Adobe Dream Home, we where totally sold on this County. We (as of this writing) are still working on this Dream Home Build, but the end is in site. This home will be almost completely Off Grid, Practice Permaculture , a self-sufficient Homestead, and will be a inspiration for those wanting to do the same!

But most of all I love people, I like to get to know them on a personal basis, to read what’s really on their hearts and help search out and find their dream home or encourage them towards building that dream. wherever or whatever that may be and I look forward to meeting you.
My personal number is 970-596-2158, give me a ring or text.

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