Sammy Klein, Realtor

Hello, I would just like to introduce myself. Name’s Sam, friends call me Sammy. I’ve been building off-grid earthbag homes since 2018 when I graduated an extensive apprenticeship at the Cal-Earth Institute of earthen architecture. I’ve constructed a handful of bag-homes across Cochise, including my own (pictured below.) And I’ve built several more across the deserts of the southwest, even built for Hopi elders in Hopi Nation. I’ve developed properties from raw land into functional off-grid art.

Since then I’ve gone elbow deep into the alternative building community out here, securing roles in strawbale, cobb, hyper adobe, and geodesic dome home construction. I even operate a small group of dedicated alternative builders that host a unique workshop every month called The Cochise Barn Raisers

So I have some unique opinions and perspectives on both raw land and existing off-grid structures for sale. Cochise County offers alternative living at its finest. But there are some simple things that many people overlook that invite challenges. The quality of the soil, proximity to alluvial deposits, or even the type of vegetation growing on the land offer insight into how we can best achieve the goals we set out to do when acquiring real estate to live on.

So if you are looking to buy land and build earthbag or something similar, consider reaching out to me with questions. I might be able to offer helpful insights. As a real estate agent working for Arizona Desert Rat Realty I will only show you listings that excite me.

I am a welcomer. Not a big man in a suit trying to make a buck off your dreams. Just another fellow human who was once also an aspiring off-grid home-owner, and succeeded! Let me help you succeed too.

-Sammy Klein
Licensed Real Estate Agent
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