Testimonials From Our Clients!

I’m so grateful to have met Clay.  He’s a real solid dude and we really appreciated him. Thank you Clay for all your patience and your kindness.  Thanks for your prayers and good thoughts.  May The Lord bless you always with health and happiness.

Haani P.

Happy Buyer

I approached clay towards the end of last year, wanting to sell some land in Arizona that I was likely to never make use of. He was very receptive, and helpful with my concerns and thoughts.

Clay was very responsive whenever I emailed or messaged him concerning my listing. He was also far more level headed when it came to my worries about the land not selling, and helped keep my spirits up during the slower season.

His expertise and assurances lead to a relatively quick, painless, and lucrative sale of my property.

Satyr G.

Happy Seller

Clay is the one to go to when searching for properties in Cochise County Arizona. He’s developed a great knowledge of what this area has to offer for not only the traditional property seeker, but the nontraditional as well. An Off-gridder himself, Clay understands the needs of those seeking alternative building options. Many successful homesteaders and Off-gridders owe their start to Clay’s help.

Debbie K.

Happy Buyer

Clay Greathouse was our agent, who found our ranch for is in 2020. He understood our goals of self-sufficiency and found a perfect fit for all our needs in AZ. His expertise in off-grid living, permit opt-out in Cochise county, water and energy independence, local market dynamics was invaluable.
We have had many options of properties that were offered to us and moved in exactly the right one for us.
Highly recommend Desert Rat Realty to any serious buyer. This is not your conventional real estate agency. This one is a rare gem of integrity.

Olga F.

Happy Buyer

Perfect for the rural and off grid nature of Cochise County! So grateful to have found Desert Rat Realty!

Jacob P.

Happy Buyer

Clay was really personable and professional.  I enjoyed every aspect of the process and learned a lot about off-grid in Cochise County along the way because he lives the lifestyle and has the contacts. Life is better when you start with a solid foundation, which is why I recommend Clay to anyone asking for referrals in real estate.


Happy Buyer

Clay is a good, decent guy who helped me find the right property.  He’s very knowledgeable about the region as well as alternative housing for the DIY folks.

Jennifer B.

Happy Buyer

I saw that a property was available and emailed Clay Greathouse concerning the land and he was way above what I would have expected from a realtor. He was a professional that knew his job and helped me get the land I wanted. It was a pleasure working with Clay Greathouse and Pioneer Title Agency from Tucson, AZ.

Al G.

Happy Buyer

We purchased a 36 off-grid homestead property through Clay in early 2022.  We found him after having a VERY bad experience with an online land flipping company and we were pretty discouraged in our search.  We had connected with Clay on FB through a page that he manages and noticed he specialized in off-grid, rural, and unique properties.  We were still living in Denver and had to make a quick 3 day trip to Arizona, but Clay had several fantastic listings ready for us to look at that were EXACTLY what we were looking for!  We were looking for property that did not have power or utilities, which Clay completely understood.  He helped us make sure the land we were looking at had good access and would be a good fit for us, plus knowing the area well, he pointed us towards properties that would suit our needs well.  We are very happy with the land we purchased and with Clay’s services and would highly, highly recommend him, especially if you are looking for off-grid properties here in Cochise County, Arizona.  Thanks, Clay!

Keri and Doug

Happy Buyers, @ Two Rebels Off Grid

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